Yearly Goals Update: July 2017

Here we are, just over the halfway point for the year! It’s always a little terrifying doing these updates, because I hate actually looking at the progress I’m trying to make and feeling like I’ve failed. This has been a bit of a crazy year so far, but I don’t want to pretend that it wasn’t going to be. Graduating from undergrad will do that to a person.

So how’s it going for me?


  • Visit 3 new states
    • Massachusetts
      This one is hopefully going to change when I get down to Tallahassee. I’ve never been to Alabama or Mississippi, and I hope to visit those places within my first few months in Florida. But hey, Massachusetts was awesome, and I’d love to go back to Boston!
  • Finish reading the Lord of the Rings series. I have made zero progress on this goal. I keep trying to read the second one, and I just suck. I think high Tolkein fantasy is just not my cup of tea. I’m more for JKR kind of fantasy.
  • Make 6 Kiva loans. I’m up to 2 loans for the year, but I have a lot of credit out right now. I should be at 3 at this halfway point, but I can easily make up for that around the holiday season to get into the spirit.
  • Blog post 3 days a week. I’m trying to be more consistent. I’m kind of at the point where one post is coming out per week, which is better than the no posts per week I tended to get during the semester. Maybe next year I should learn to not bite off more than I can chew.


  • 10,000+ steps 6 days a week. This has been mostly okay.
  • Track all calories 6 days a week. I’ve been doing so much better with this lately!
  • Go to the gym or fitness class 4 days a week. Not so much with this one…


  • Run a sub-7:30 mile. I’d still like to accomplish this one by the end of the summer if my feet hold up under these blisters.
  • Run a sub-27 5k. Same with this one. End of the summer is my goal here, since I really would rather not try to set land-speed records while in the humidity that is northern Florida.
  • Run a sub-2:15 half marathon. This one may have to be put on hold. I haven’t been doing the kind of distance speed training that I need for a goal like this one, especially since my feet fiascos. Maybe I’ll have to wait until next year…
  • Finish the Dopey Challenge Link to my Dopey page here!! This was seriously one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done, definitely the best thing running-related ever. I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed it.


  • Run 2 marathons (2/2) Disney and Buffalo. Even though Buffalo didn’t go as well as I hoped that it would, I still finished it upright. I’m hoping to maybe get another one towards the end of the year, but we’ll see how that goes once I get to Florida.
  • Run an ultra. Yeah, I’m not sure that this one is going to happen because of my DNF at the Ghost Town Challenge.
  • Run 1000+ miles (300/1000). This one is running way behind, I’ll be honest. Student teaching got to me when it came down to it, and these awful blisters really haven’t done me any good in the last month or so. My feet are still healing after Buffalo, Ragnar, and Ghost Town. Oops.
  • Cover 2017 miles running and walking (873/2017). This one hasn’t gone as poorly as I thought it was going too, since I haven’t been running nearly as much as I would have liked to be. I’ve been doing a lot of dog-walking that has me getting at least three miles most days, with a lot more dog-walking to come in the next month and a half. It’ll also be good for me to get back on a college campus, because I tend to get so many of my steps in when I have to walk from building to building.

Really taking time to look at my list makes me realize where most of my disappointment is stemming from. I put a lot of quantifiable running goals on this list for the year, but my health is standing in my way a bit. Everyone likes to think that they’re invincible, but I really can’t run the fastest mile of my life when my feet can barely carry me to walk down the block.

Every year that I set goals, I learn more about myself and the types of goals that I should set so that I ultimately feel successful. I’ve clearly figured out that my goals can’t be too exclusively focused around one topic, because all of those goals could get derailed in one fell swoop.

Oh well – onward through the back half of the year!

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