What You Should Know About… Depression


So one of my goals for myself is to be more open about my own struggle with mental illness, especially following the difficulties I faced last semester. I decided to assemble a short little list that might help inform you a bit more about depression, as that is my biggest struggle.

Depression is a difficult illness. The problem is that it often hides, where seemingly happy people actually are suffering more than can be imagined.

Every person reacts differently to their own depression. Some suffer insomnia, some sleep too much. Some stop eating, while others eat too much.

Not everyone who has depression takes medicine; some people only go to therapy or counseling.

Depression is not something you have to deal with forever. Some people can find balance in their lives through different therapy methods.

Genetics, environment, and biology all play a part in depression.

Depression is not contagious. You can’t catch it from the people around you.

Depression is not a weakness. Depression is a medical condition, just as real and life-altering as anything else.

Depression can affect anyone of any age, race, gender, or social class. It does not pick and choose, though some demographics report higher rates of depression.

Those with depression do not choose to have it.

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