Weekly Recap: March 2, 2015

Well, I put the right month but the wrong year! Why does this not surprise me? I thought I was doing so well.

Monday: Groggily got up like every other morning and made a long drive to school – the roads were pretty terrible. Went in and worked on an English revision, then went off to Disabilities. We played bingo about info we had read about autism and my team won, so we got a package of string cheese (no lie, the second place team got a pound of uncooked bacon). Went off to an exciting day of work, where one of the GA’s and I rescued a file folder from behind a cabinet with a paper clip on a coat hanger. English was pretty laid back, just workshopped drafts and talked about the midterm portfolio. Theory was kind of exciting, even though I think I bombed the homework we turned in, since we’re learning about matrices and some other cool 12-tone stuff. Music library to kill some time, then off to ensembles. Concert band was sort of a frustrating drag, but sight-reading in symphony band was really a lot of fun. Went to get my dead ends trimmed, and back to the music library for a while. Composition class was pretty enjoyable, and we got the last forty-five minutes to go out into the building and write a fugue subject. Then I went to hang out with some friends for a while, then off to home and asleep. No cute clothes for me today.

Tuesday: Woke up with some really stiff joints, but I’m pretty much getting used to it by now. Off to school, where I killed some morning time on my computer since my hands hurt too bad to practice. Went to work, where we told funny stories and induldged in some birthday donuts. Class percussion was fun, since we played pretty much the whole time… even though it really killed my wrists. Back to work for two more hours, with more snacks and stories and actually getting a lot of work done. Went to lunch with Katie Jo, and it was so nice to just spend some time together. Went to Rosemary’s professor interview thing, and we all felt bad because the recital hall was freezing cold and there was nothing we could do to help. But she did really well, regardless. Talked about the interview with the rest of the studio, then went to my boyfriend’s for birthday pudding. We hung out and watched TV for a while until I braved the icy tundra to head home. I started feeling like garbage by the time I got home, since my hands could barely grip the steering wheel. I took all my medicine and laid down with my mom so she could rub my back, and I wound up falling asleep. Wore a cute birthday sweater!

Wednesday: Woke up on and off through the night with crippling pain in my hands and knees and ankles. I could barely move enough to flip over in bed, so I started emailing my professors to say that I wasn’t going to be in for class. I snoozed on and off all morning and got woken up every few minutes by the pain. I eventually rolled out of bed and hobbled my way downstairs to try to get some things accomplished. Did some blog stuff and some homework, but not much else. Early to bed to escape the pain.

Thursday: Woke up tired and exhausted, but school anyway. Bassoon lesson right off the bat went really well, and class perc was fun even though it killed my hands. Practiced, then my clarinet lesson went pretty okay. Had my counseling appointment and it went fine, even though it seems like I’m back on two-week visits. Had a lecture class for clarinet, killed some time in the music library, then a boring last shift at work. MIT class was fun, and then I got to go home for the night. I think I dressed nicely?

Friday: Last day before spring break, so that helped drag me out of bed. PreI was okay, even though playing guitar killed my hands. Went to work for a few hours, where I tied up some loose ends before I left. I turned in my midterm portfolio for English and we did some exciting writing exercises. Then I had a sister date in the Crimson Cafe for about an hour, and that was actually really fun. After that, I went to the gym to work out on the treadmill for about half an hour. With my joints having been assholes, it actually hurt quite a bit. Headed home to shower and lay on the couch and basically start enjoying spring break. Dressed like a bum, but I went to the gym!

Saturday: Pretty chill, as I slept in a bit and then pretty much laid around to do nothing all day. I took some naps and had to go with my dad to buy a new microwave when ours killed itself. That was the exciting highlight of my day.

Sunday: Some more being lazy but the time change didn’t really screw me up. I also went for a two-mile run outside to enjoy the nice weather and get ready for the half next weekend. It hurt cause I was running on a lot of hills and I went out way too fast. I think I have my pace goal for next weekend, so hopefully this will work out in my favor. Then I went down my aunt’s to play cards and I totally won in the final round – so that was exciting. Back home to relax in bed. No cute outfit, but I worked out!

Dressed cute 1 day, maybe 2.

Worked out 2 days!


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Well, that seems to be all for now, thanks for sticking with me!


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