Top 5 Comfort Foods for Homebound Bodies

It hasn’t felt all that much like winter around here this year, but I’m still hungry for some yummy foods. I figured that I would share my favorite comfort foods for winter break when you’re not feeling very ambitious.

Comfort Foods

  1. Pizza Bread. I’ve actually written about making this one myself, and it’s absolutely delicious. If there’s anything that I would add to the post I’ve already done, it’s to buy little frozen bread rolls instead of the big globs. It makes it so much easier to mix all the components together without you wanting to rip your hair out. Yeah, you still have to cut them up a little bit, but it takes way less time if they’re already small to start with.
  2. Mac and cheese. I live for mac and cheese, like it’s unreal. I have tried so many different mac and cheese recipes over the years, some with great results and others… not so great. But I could seriously eat mac and cheese every day and not get tired of it, especially since there are so many different ways to make it.
  3. French fries. Homemade French fries are one of life’s greatest pleasures. I have family that make fries in a thousand different ways, and I can distinctly remember the homemade fries a friend in high school had his dad make every time friends would come over. Sure, McDonald’s fries will hit the spot every now and again, but you really can’t go wrong with a good tray of homemades.
  4. Pasta. Even though I’m the worst Italian on the planet and actually don’t put any sauce on my pasta, I could still live off of pasta. There are some weeks where we have pasta as a main meal at least three or four times, if not more. And I usually wind up eating the leftovers. But I still love pasta and nothing is as comforting when it’s chilly outside than a warm bowl of pasta.
  5. Chicken soup. I’ve actually grown to kind of like chicken soup over this last year, since I used to not eat any kind of soup of all. In case you didn’t know, not liking soup is basically a sin in my house – my dad has about three giant soup pots and relishes any occasion he gets to make industrial-levels of soup. Cheeseburger soup, vegetable soup, pizza soup – anything. But chicken noodle is a good, safe choice for those of you who may be as averse to soup as I was.

What’s your favorite comfort foods during the cold winter months?

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