Summer’s Starting


With my pre-student teaching done last week (an AWESOME experience for sure), I’m almost wrapping up my first week of ‘real’ summer. And what does real summer mean for me?


Now it’s not like my work is bad or anything, I actually love it! I work 30 hours a week in the Dean’s Office for the College of Fine Arts, and it’s my favorite thing. It’s basically an entire summer full of me, the college secretary, the associate dean, and the dean being a bunch of goofballs. Just this morning, we talked about why Ramadan shifts around every year and how to sober up a stoned person. I get to learn a lot of behind-the-scenes sort of information about higher education administration and how it all works, and I blame my choice of pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education almost entirely on working in this office.

Speaking of grad school, I leave tomorrow night for my Florida trip! I’m beyond excited to spend nearly two days in Tallahassee before getting a tour of Florida State and of the program I want to be in down there. I can’t wait to actually see the campus in person, and I hope that like I imagined it would be. I took my first practice GRE yesterday, just to see what my baseline is without any studying or prepping or anything. I did way better than I thought I did, especially because I haven’t had a math class in almost three years! Not as worried about that now as I was before, but I’m still a little anxious – I have three more practice tests (if I need all of them) and then the real deal hopefully before school starts.

I’ve also been getting back into running since school let out, and it has me in a great place mentally. I’m holding myself accountable to go running with one of my friends after work, so I’m actually getting things accomplished. I also have been running on my own and going for walks most evenings. I’m planning for a run on campus when I’m down at FSU, so hopefully the Florida weather won’t completely kill this Pennsylvania girl.


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