Seen on the Run – May 20, 2017

Today I had a really great 6.5 mile run – I made really good time (for me) and didn’t feel any pain. I listened to some of my favorite podcasts, which I hope to share later. But I also saw some pretty interesting stuff on the run that kept me occupied, and I figured I would share some of them.

  • Two dogs but no pig at the Pig House. There’s a house along my trail that has two dogs and a pot-bellied pig, but the pig wasn’t out today when the house came into view on my way out. But it was out when I went back past!
  • A pulverized fox. When I was running alongside a back road, I thought there was a splattered deer on the road. But when I got closer, I realized that it wasn’t – the size was wrong. Instead, it was a fox. It was gnarly. Like that thing REEKED.
  • A catch and release groundhog. I got a little freaked out when an older truck pulled off alongside the trail ahead of me and an older guy got out. The sound of him digging in the back of the truck and rattling cages didn’t help. But when a groundhog scuttled away, I realized he was just letting it go. I waved as I ran past, and he said, “At least out here they don’t eat my lettuce!” So accurate, old man.
  • 95% sure I saw the aftermath of a drug deal. A spot by my house is notorious for drug deals and as I ran past, two sketchy-looking guys came out of the woods. I didn’t know what they had been doing or consuming, so I got a pretty fast mile split in there. Who knows how fast people can run on drugs? Surprisingly, it’s the first time I’ve witnessed that in all the years I’ve been running.

Short and sweet, but I figured it would be interesting for me to look back later on all of the things I saw while running.

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