Running Goals for 2016

Since 2015 was my self-dubbed Year of the Marathon, I figured that I should set some running goals for 2016 to keep me moving forward.

Running Goals 2016

  • Run a race a month. When I looked back at my yearly race recaps, I realized that I hadn’t run races as often as I would like to. During the cold months and when I get busy with school, my running and racing tend to back off. So for this year, I’d really like to be devoted to racing. I’ll count anything, even virtual 5k’s and the like. Those are at least forcing me off my ass and out into the world to do something, and that’s definitely a start.
  • Do a Color Run. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a long time, and they’re so prevalent now that I should be able to find one almost anywhere in any month. There were a few around home last year, so I’m hoping that they’ll still be going on this year. I just want to do one of these to say that I’ve done it and have fun with it, so we’ll see how that shakes out!
  • Finish another marathon. I got bit by the marathon bug at Philly, and I’d like to continue to race the distance and improve my time. I’d really like to run it in a state outside of Pennsylvania, as that would add another state to my list. Maybe someday in my life I’ll make it into the 50 States Club, and I’d like to get a good start. Considering I’m going to be needing to do some pretty intense training for a race series I’d like to do in early 2017, maybe I should try to find an early fall marathon to put on tap.


  • Run a sub-8 mile. I’ve never run a sub-8, as sad as that sounds. All in high school, I think my fastest mile times were around 9:30. So the fact that I can now just run out an 8:20 or so is pretty astounding, but I’d like to get faster. It may take a lot of speedwork and intervals, but I want to get there. For reference, I just pounded out an 8:12 on the track today, so I’ve still got a baker’s dozen to shave off!
  • Run a sub 28-5k. Since I ran just over a 28 in the Bun Run this past year, I’d really like to get my 5k time down under that. I was pretty close and probably could have come in with a 27:xx at that race, but I think with the speedwork I want to do in the mile, it’ll help my 5k time.
  • Set a PR in the half-marathon. With my current race-PR from this year’s DC Rock n’ Roll Half, I’d love to improve on it. I set a faster half PR in the first half of Philly this year, which was just over a 2:30. If I could get below that in an actual half, I would love it. Either way, I’d just love to come in under that PR from DC, which was around a 2:43 or so.


  • Improve my yearly mileage. Looking back at this year, it looks like I tracked a little under 400 miles. That’s not a lot, so I’d really like to make an improvement on that. I’d like to be sitting around 750 or so this time next year, but I’d be super-pleased with anything higher than that as well.

I’m so happy to see where 2015 took me, and I can’t wait to tackle this list in the coming year!

What are your running goals for 2016?

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