Resolution Run 1-Miler 2016

Resolution Run 2016

On New Year’s Day, I was planning on taking part in Run to the Finish‘s Resolution Run 5k. I was so ready and willing to go, I hopped out of bed, and then… I saw that it was snowing. It was probably the most we’ve had all season (that is to say, very little) but it was windy and well below freezing. Instead of totally scrapping my run, I went out for a quick mile to say that I at least ran on New Year’s.

I know that there were other people who ran the Resolution Run in worse conditions, but I’ve been rehabbing my foot a little bit and haven’t been in that great of shape right now. I’d been riding the video game bike at the gym before Christmas and using my bike to cover the half-mile to my aunt’s house almost every day, but that’s not all that great for my running stamina.

I accidentally paused my Garmin as soon as I had started and wound up not noticing until I was about .15 miles into it, so that was a tad bit annoying. I wound up running down the trail a bit towards town, doubled back to just past my aunt’s house, and then finished by heading back to my house. It was a really strange little route, but I really wanted to keep it as flat as possible around Western PA.

The mile clocked in at 9:28, which I was really proud of for how much the cold air was stinging my throat. I’m just glad to have kicked off the New Year by running a mile, since I want this to be my own Year of the Run… or something like that, I’m really bad at coming up with titles. Whatever this year may be, I hope that it involves me taking these legs out for as many miles as possible.

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