Quick April Update

Look guys! I’m alive again! Last month was so unbelievably crazy that I barely had time to breathe, much less write any blog posts. If it gives you any idea of how tired I am, I almost used the word ‘right’ in that previous sentence instead of the correct form of the word… oops.

I had a wonderful spring break that was much too short and filled with doctor’s appointments, then the following week I had my junior recital. It was such a blast and the work that I put into it really showed, but I’m still quite relieved that it’s over.

I’ve been going to other recitals and busy classes and SAI stuff. I got elected to serve as our state student music ed group’s webmaster, so I’m trying to update another website right now that’s a bit of a mess. I was nominated for and won a Women’s Leadership Award on my campus for talking about mental health and disability issues. And two days later I set a PR in the half marathon, albeit a small one (2:42:47) -but every minute off is a minute of more progress!

Anyway, now that the semester is both settling down a bit and getting a little bit more crazy, I’m hoping that I can put more time and energy back into my blog. I love working on it and interacting with as many people as I can!

Look for a goals update here in the next few days, since I have a little time to breathe.

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