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Even though I haven’t been getting a ton of running in this summer, I still have plenty of time to enjoy my podcasts! Since I spend about an hour or more a day walking dogs, I always need to have something to keep my ears occupied. I would listen to music, but I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t put music on their phone. My streaming apps use too much data where I walk, so podcasts are my go-to! Some of them are simply fiction to listen to for pleasure, while others actually give me things to learn about and digest while on my daily walks. Here are eight podcasts that currently are on my ‘Obsessed’ list!

The Bright Sessions. One of the few fiction podcasts on my phone, but oh my god, it’s probably my favorite. I love love love the Bright Sessions so much. It’s seriously so good that it’s been picked up to be made into a TV show. The plot is engaging, the cast of characters are varied and interesting and bizarre, and the voice actors are phenomenal. I was seriously on edge every time I listened to this podcast because I wanted so desperately to know what was going to happen next. It follows a psychologist and her patients, but there’s something a little strange – she only works with ‘atypicals’, or people with superpowers. There’s an empath, a time-traveler, a mind-reader, and so many more! At first, each character is contained to their own storyline, but they eventually all come together and begin to get involved in some crazy adventures with a secret government agency that has it out for some of their own. There are three seasons available now, with the fourth due to come out in the fall. Let me tell you what – I cannot wait!

Terms. The other fictional podcast that I’m obsessed with. It follows the course of events of an election cycle that nobody saw coming, bringing in a cast of the current President, the President-elect, some journalists, some wives, and many secrets between them all. I got into this one after the first season was totally out, so I tried to binge responsibly (but it was so difficult). It was really interesting to listen to after this election cycle, as it was conceived and written before all the real-life crazy started. It also brought in some what-if’s for how the US government functions in Presidential elections, brought to light some of the issues with the current system, and looked at how they could be exploited. Season one is out, with season two set to come out at some unestablished date. However, the Facebook page says that there will be content coming out this summer, so it better be soon!

Presidential. A non-fiction podcast produced last year by the Washington Post. In the lead-up to the election in November, they went back and chronicled all 43 men who have served as President. It looked at what traits they had that did or didn’t make them good leaders, as well as personal lives, stories, and things that we don’t tend to learn about them in school. I’m almost into the 1900’s right now, and I’m in love. I think it’s really interesting how they look at the Presidents who had short or ‘non-important’ administrations, like Millard Fillmore or William Henry Harrison. Presidential facts and trivia have always been a soft spot for me, and I absolutely love getting to learn more and more every time I listen. All of Presidential is available for download, and the Washington Post is producing a new podcast called Constitutional that dives into another part of American history!

Stuff You Missed in History Class. A women-led podcast about obscure events and moments in history? Count me in! As someone who is obsessed with plane crashes, most of my favorite episodes tend to be about man-made disasters that have happened around the world. But they’ve covered everything from the Scopes Trial to fires on the Cuyahoga River to the Night of the Long Knives. Some of my favorite recent episodes include Three Nuclear Close Calls, The New London School Explosion, and Ed Roberts and the Independent Living Movement. New episodes come out every Monday and Wednesday, so you never have to be without new information for very long!

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know. I’ve always been a fan of the strange and unexplained and love listening to conspiracy theories, so this podcast is right up my alley. Every Friday, a group of guys digs into some things that seem mysterious or unexplained or just downright weird. They cover everything from failing infrastructure to murders to places where cell phones just don’t work in modern-day America. My current favorite episodes are Berenstein or Berenstain: the Mandela Effect, What Happened to Elisa Lam, and The Mysterious Lake City Quiet Pills. More often than not, I finish listening to this podcast by audibly asking myself, “What the hell?” But I love being left a little confused and uneasy, because not everything in the world can have a definitive answer.

Last Podcast on the Left. This is another bizarre kind of conspiracy sort of show, but I absolutely love it. The thing that really got me into it was a four-episode series on the Oklahoma City bombing, and it was so in-depth and interesting. The hosts joke around a lot, which I enjoy but some people may find distracting or macabre. It really reminded me of how my friends in high school and I would talk about certain things at the lunch table. They’ve done a two-parter on Aileen Wuornos, Jack the Ripper, and plenty of cults! These episodes come out on Thursdays, so it’ll give you something to occupy your weekend.

Listen Money Matters. I’ve always been a personal finance geek, and I love when people give me information in a straight-up matter. I hate being talked down to or talked over, so this is always a good listen for me. It’s not personal finance as given by old men, but two younger guys who enjoy a beer or two while recording the podcast. They talk about anything and everything related to personal finance, such as ways to invest or where to stash your money or how to bring in more income as a young person. It also gives straight answers to things that I never would have thought of, like how rental owners manage their businesses, how to get financially naked with a partner, or creating a business plan. Episodes drop every Monday, which means you can download for your weekly commute and learn something along the way.

The College Info Geek Podcast. Created by one of the hosts from Listen Money Matters (but before he was on that show), this podcast gives information and advice on a wide array of topics that relate to college and college students. Not every episode may directly apply to you (or any, if you’re no longer in college), but I can always find a few nuggets of information or advice in each one to apply to my own life. I’ve been listening to this podcast for forever, and Thomas has a website, Youtube channel, and sub-Reddit in addition to the podcast. Some recent topics that have been covered that I really enjoyed are procrastination, work-school balance, and sticking to an exercise routine. This is another podcast that comes out every Monday, so you’ll have plenty to listen to.


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