My Blogging Life

I am going to start holding myself accountable, people! When making my goal list for the semester, I didn’t take into account how absolutely insane the semester would get so quickly. I’ve already had a test worth 10% of my final grade in one class, am almost finished with my first instrument (flute) in class woodwinds, and I’ve been making some really steady progress on both clarinet and bassoon. But I let my blog slip by the wayside.

I think part of my problem is that I feel obligated to stick to the posting schedule that I made over the summer, but to be honest, some of those topics that I came up with no longer excite me like they did. When I started blogging, it wasn’t really about producing content that everyone would scoop up and I’d go viral in seconds – my most popular post barely has over 100 views. I’m not about ratings, but yet I’ve been reading other successful blogs where all they do is talk about page view counts and analytics. Yeah, that stuff is interesting to me, but I need to come back into where I started: producing content for me and the people that I care about.

For me, it’s important to continue to post on here, since it’s how I’ve been keeping track of the past almost-year. I really love sharing everything about my life, but I’ve been letting content-production get in the way of what I really love to do.

So what have I been up to?

The biggest thing right now is that I was elected to the IUP Crimson Court for Homecoming this year to represent the College of Fine Arts, and I’m beyond elated. I think part of my feelings about my blog are that “Ohmigod, I didn’t schedule for a post about that, I can’t go off the schedule” but yet I want to share the happy things in my life. I think it’s most important for me to feel excited and comfortable sharing things again, since I feel like my blog has really gotten away from being about my life. I want to share the happy things, dangit!

Anyway, I’m not really sure what this post is about… I wanted to share something happy in my life, and it turned into me digressing about how my blog should be more about me and my life. I guess that’s the original point of a blog in the first place? So here’s to me getting back to my roots of what I think my blog should actually be!

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