Make Some Noise: Half-Half Virtual Race Recap

In my quest to run a race a month this year, I’ve decided to sign up for some virtual races to keep me moving. This month’s was the Virtual Strides Make Some Noise race. Some proceeds from the race go to benefit the Make Some Noise: Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, so that made me feel good. I got to submit my results online and will be getting a medal in the mail in a few weeks – pretty cool!

So how did this race go for me?


I started out trying for the half-marathon distance, but I wound up only completing 7 miles. I honestly felt pretty good for that distance, but my stomach started to rebel against me at around mile 6.5, so I bailed early. I ran up to town on the trail, then took a different back road to add some mileage. I can’t wait to add some more distance on that road so I can where it goes.

I wound up listening to Listen Money Matters the entire time, since they had a really good interview with Steve Kamb from NerdFitness. I got really interested in it, so I’ve been reading a lot of those articles all day.

Even though I didn’t get to run the whole distance that I planned, I finished 7 miles in about 1:20, so I’m pretty content with that! I just added up my mile splits to get my approximate 10k time to submit for the online form, and I can’t wait to see my medal!

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