Let’s Get This Party Started!

And by party, I actually mean summer. After the last few days, I can definitely say that summer’s started. I’ve been running so much more than during the school year, and I feel great. I have a half coming up on Memorial Day that, even though I haven’t really been running far enough in training, I think I’m going to be okay for it… knock on wood. I ran 4 miles last Thursday with splits of 13:11, 14:14, 10:34, and 10:26! My friend and I stuck together for the first two miles, then I realized that I still had two more to go.

Sunday, I took a beautiful, self-guided running tour of FSU’s campus, got a little lost, but had 5 great miles. 11:13, 12:01, 12:35, 12:44, and 12:24. Considering how muggy and humid it was, I’m content with those times. I finished 5 miles in Florida humidity in just over an hour! Today, I went out for a great 3-miler after Jeopardy! 10:25, 10:47, and 10:58. It felt amazing. I’m just realizing more and more that I need to hold back in the first couple miles of anything, because then I feel so much better. My splits at the end of the 4-miler last week were definitely a lot of work, but they felt awesome.

Backtracking to FSU, I had an amazing, amazing trip. We may have been in the car for over 30 hours round-trip, but I absolutely fell in love with the campus and the town and the program in Higher Education. I’m really looking forward to the application process, and I’m just kind of working my butt off and then leaving it up to fate if I get in or not. But I’m going to be putting my best foot forward with everything that I do.

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All in all, I had an amazing trip and I’m really looking forward to pursuing FSU for possible graduate study. But at the same time, I’m glad to be back home and relaxing a little bit. And when I say relaxing, I actually mean going out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate a coworker’s birthday, running 4 miles, and driving an hour and a half for a cookout as my best friend leaves for his summer internship. And that’s just tomorrow. At least summer busy is less stressful than semester busy!

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