Less Than a Month!

There’s less than a month until I make the move to Tallahassee! I put down the deposit on my apartment and am getting the lease sent out to me later this week. I’m not so much nervous, just not ready to do all the work required for a move. I’m starting to get everything put together and packed, which is all kinds of terrifying – I’ve legit always lived in one house.

This summer has been going pretty well, other than a recent bout of dealing with my arthritis. I don’t know if it’s the heat or the humidity or the rain or what, but I’ve been feeling pretty achey almost all the time. Thanks to my massive blisters from the end of May into June, I haven’t been running at all. I think my body needed and still needs the time off, but I’m kind of itching to get back into it. But I love running long-distance to clear my head, which is ridiculously difficult when your feet turn into one giant blister.

The dog-walking/watching and babysitting has been going great nonetheless, since I’ve been having a blast. I love getting my steps in every day by walking dogs around outside, especially since this summer has been particularly warm. There has only really been one day that I can remember where I was walking a dog and it was actively raining. I’ve managed to dodge that bullet quite a few times, but that’s not typical weather here.

I’m also glad I’ve been getting outside more because it’s getting me accustomed to the heat and humidity. Tallahassee is crazy hot and humid and feels like living in a swamp, so anything I can do now to get me acclimated will benefit me in the long run.

Also, in move-related news, I bought my first piece of furniture from IKEA yesterday! I’m really picky and particular about my desks, but I fell in love with one there the last time I visited a few weeks ago. My mom and I stopped on our way to pick up my clarinet, and I wound up getting it. Yay IKEA! Boo that the nearest IKEA to Tallahassee is in Jacksonville, over 150 miles away.

I’ve been working on getting pieces together for a gallery wall for my apartment, since I’ve always wanted to make one of those and they’re super-classy. My mom and I went to one of those ‘drink wine and paint’ classes where we did Starry Night Over the Clemente Bridge, and it was awesome! I love my painting and it’s going to be pretty prominent. I’m also working on a sewn piece of Pennsylvania that’s almost together, plus a ton of framed pictures. We’ll see how it turns out!

This has been a bit of a rambly sort of rant post. It’s been awhile since stream-of-consciousness has popped up here, but I don’t altogether hate it.

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