Leap Day 5k

Leap Day is my favorite occurrence that only comes around every four years – a whole extra day to get some life stuff accomplished. I was actually quite productive today, since I got in some good practicing, some good hours at work, some fun sight-reading in Symphony Band, AAAAAnd a run!

I needed to run a 5k today for a Leap Day virtual race that I signed up for late last week, since I needed to keep with my idea of a race a month. It also really helped keep me accountable. I wound up roping in one of my friends to run with me, and it actually went really well. Usually I don’t run well with other people, but it was fun!

We wound up leaving the music building to go past the marching band lot, out to the resident parking lot, out onto the trail, and back to campus. We ran the whole first mile, then did 4-1 intervals for the rest of the time we were out. We wound up finishing our 5k in less than 37 minutes, which came in under a 12-minute mile! Since I really haven’t been running as much as I should have lately, I’m totally content with that.

In other running news, I wound up breaking my mile record just over a week ago! Even though it was kind of chilly and windy against me, I still did it. I wound up coming in at a 7:59.56!! I’m so ecstatic, especially since I haven’t been running all that much. I can’t imagine what my times might wind up being over the summer!!

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