Last Week at 19

So this starts the beginning of my last week of being a teenager! My birthday is exactly one week from today, and I’m super-excited – even though apparently 20 is that weird in-between age that doesn’t really get you anything new. But, hey, I get a new first digit, so I think that’s pretty exciting.

I kind of find it funny that I started my last week as a teenager in the only way I could have expected – at a doctor’s appointment. It went really well and my rheumatologist is pretty awesome, but it was a doctor’s appointment nonetheless – especially a rheumatologist. That’s basically an old-people doctor. So how else could I follow up a doctor’s appointment?

With an arcade.


We went to Dave and Buster’s for lunch/dinner, and I wound up having enough tickets to get a giant oversized minion plushie. It helped that I had a ton of tickets left on there from the last time I had gone when I was about 15. It was so much fun, and my mom was about peeing herself laughing when I walked out of the prize room with a giant minion. How could I say no?

So I guess it’s good to say that I started my last week as an old fart at a rheumatologist but countered it by being a five-year-old at an arcade. Happy birthday week to me!

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