My IUP Bucket List

With one school year coming to an end, I have to keep in mind that in less than another year I’ll be graduated from IUP. So I decided, in my habit of making lists, what better way to finish out my time here than to make a bucket list. There are a lot of different things on this list, but I think completing all of them would mean I have a kick-ass last year at IUP!

My IUP Bucket List

  • Go in Sutton’s bell tower. It’s super-secret and basically off-limits… which is why I totally have an appointment to go up next week! President Driscoll heard through the grapevine (the grapevine being my mother) that I had a burning desire to go up into the bell tower to see campus from above. I wound up getting a call at work last week from his office to set up a lunchtime appointment and to wear comfortable shoes. I’m beyond excited, and trust me, you’ll be seeing some awesome pictures!
  • Go into the remaining buildings on campus that I haven’t been in yet. I got this idea from a podcast that I listen to, but it might have been more difficult for them – there were over 100 buildings on their campus! IUP has fewer buildings, but there are still a few that I’ve gotten into that might seem a little bizarre. Like the Reschini House – I don’t know of many students that have gone in that building. Anyway, I still have a few left to go…
    • Elkin
    • Breezedale
    • Whitmyre
    • HUB Gym
    • Co-Gen Plant
    • Stephenson
    • Pierce


  • Go to a basketball game. Our basketball teams are pretty good, and I’ve had a bunch of friends in pep band. But I’ve still never been to a basketball game, be it men’s or women’s. But that will change this year!
  • Get my picture taken with Norm. I’ve had Norm almost run me over in the tunnel at football games, but I’ve never actually had my picture taken with him. Since I know of Norm’s daytime identity this year, I think it might be a little easier for me to get my picture taken.
  • Run a campus organization’s 5k. Like, actually run it, not ‘run it’ as in being in charge of one, because I’ve already done that. There are plenty of other groups that do 5k’s around campus, and I’d especially like to take part in a Color Run!
  • Go hiking in the Co-Op Park at White’s Woods. I’ve been to White’s Woods a few times, but have never gone hiking there. I’ve never really taken advantage of the Co-Op Park, and I really should. I love the outdoors and exploring nature, and I can’t let my time at IUP expire without taking advantage of it.
  • Have a picnic in the Oak Grove. This one is pretty self-explanatory – how can I let four years go by without taking a nice picnic lunch out into the Oak Grove? And I don’t mean just taking my lunch box out there and sitting on a bench to eat. I mean, blanket on the grass and picnic basket sitting out with sandwiches and… other picnic foods?


  • Get my resume and personal statement reviewed by the Career and Professional Development Center. Since I’m applying to grad school in the fall, I really need to have them look at my resume and personal statement. It’s also difficult, because I have two different resumes right now – one that’s music-focused and one that has a more general focus. I want both of them to be in top shape, so that’ll take a while. I also am pretty clueless about personal statements, so that will be fun…
  • Update all my scrapbooks. I have a general scrapbook, an SAI scrapbook that I haven’t touched in way too long, and a recipe scrapbook. I love working on them, and they all need to stay up to date. For example, my general scrapbook doesn’t have anything more recent than New Year’s. And a lot of important stuff has happened since then!
  • Write thank-you’s to my most important professors and staff. There are some truly amazing people here at IUP, and I don’t think that they get thanked enough. It’s really important for me to be able to tell them thank you, especially some of the professors I’ve worked with since day one.


  • Take a Reed Room road trip. Of some sort. Even if we all just pile into two cars and hit up Pittsburgh for the day or something. When else am I going to be surrounded by such awesome people almost every moment of every day? We’re all going to be scattered to the wind a year from now, so I need to take advantage of such awesome friendships while I still can.
  • Pull an all-nighter. This is one thing that I’ve never done in college – even though there have been some nights where I got home at 2:30 and was waking up by 6. I have to do it at least once, because I feel like everyone else has. I can tell that there might be a day or two where I can pull it off.
  • Make a kick-ass graduation cap. I’ve already got a ton of them on Pinterest for inspiration. I’m such a crafty person that didn’t get to decorate her cap in high school, so I have to do it now. I doubt that I would be comfortable decorating my grad school cap, so I have to for undergrad!
  • Graduate summa cum laude. Barring any terrible disasters, I’m on track to graduate with highest honors. Not a 4.0, thank goodness because I probably would have died of stress and panic by now, but pretty darn close.

Looking at it all laid out like this, that’s a lot of stuff that I want to get done! But I know that I’ll be able to do it and totally enjoy my time left here at IUP.

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