It’s Cold as Balls

So the past few days have been that of a typical Pennsylvania winter, as it’s be snowy and freezing cold beyond belief. There have been wrecks all over the place, and my dad has been staying late at work almost every night. But I’ve been making the best of it, at least as best I can.

I got to stay over my aunt’s last night and hang out with her and Natalia, then help get Tilly up for school this morning after the delay. It was so funny, since she thought I was waking her up at the regular time for school. Turns out the little bugger had gotten a nice lie-in because of the delay.

I came home, got ready, and headed up north to hang out with my best friend. I haven’t seen her since September, and we had a blast. I got music for her recital, I made a set of letters for her (the first letters I’ve ever made!), we played Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly for a while, talked with her mom, and ate some pepperoni rolls and cinnamon buns. It was so much fun, and I’m sad the sun goes down so soon in the winter, since I love spending time with her.

The drive home was awful, mainly because of the roads and the darkness and all the headlights of the other drivers. I’ve decided that I’m a little old woman when it comes to driving, and I should probably stop driving at night sometime soon. When I eventually got home, I found out that my StitchFix came in! I ordered it as a little present to myself, and it was so much fun! I’ll share another post about that tomorrow.

Happy freezing cold winter!

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