IHS Mini-Thon Color Run 5k 2017

After wanting to do a Color Run basically since I started running, I finally got to do one because of my student teaching placement. To benefit their mini-THON, it was just twenty bucks to pre-register and I got a white t-shirt for my fee.

Race morning dawned freaking freezing cold. I hadn’t raced since Dopey, so it was about 2 months since I had put my legs through a race. But I ultimately decided, especially once the temperature was so cold, to just run at a comfortable clip to finish the race. It only took a short minute to sign-in and get my shirt and color packet. It was pretty awful trying to keep warm, but it didn’t take all that long for the race to start.

I wound up running my first mile faster than I intended, but I definitely got a few face-fulls of color during that mile. The second mile of the race was hillier than I remembered, so it was a little slow-goings after that point. The last mile was pretty miserable because we had to run around the horse track at the fairgrounds and it was super-muddy and sticky because of the snow that had been permanently there for about a month.

My finish time was 34:56, which I was totally okay with for my lack of training and the temperature of the day.

This is a short write-up, but I definitely wanted to keep track of this for all my running records! I also used this as my Race to Rhymeville virtual 5k entry, a race I entered with my mom to get her hip rehab back on track!

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