How I Use Habitica

Note: Please check out my updated Habitica write-up here!

How I Use Habitica

Ever since I found out about Habitica from College Info Geek, I’ve been totally addicted. It’s been one of the most effective ways for me to keep track of everything in my life. Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to juggle everything that I do, but having productivity trackers really help keep me accountable. I don’t really use it to its full capabilities, since I’m the only member of my party, but I still find it really effective.

In case you don’t, Habitica is the new name for what used to be HabitRPG. It basically brings role-playing to habit formation, and I absolutely love it. The idea is that you level up your character by doing daily tasks, improving habits, and finishing things on your to-do list. You can lose health (and therefore, levels) by not completing your daily tasks or by doing bad habits.

I mainly keep track of my most important habits on the daily tracker in the second column from the left, since those are the things that I want to hold myself accountable for the most. For example, I like to get out of bed before 7AM, take medication in the morning and the evening, drink three bottles of water daily, and donate 100 grains to FreeRice every day. Those are things that I’m really intent on doing every day, so I get penalized if I don’t accomplish them every day.

The column closest to the left is full of habits. You can either use positive reinforcement, like where you get positive points for a good habit like healthy snacks, or negative points when you accidentally drink a Coke. I tend to just use positives habits, as they seem to work best for me. For example, my habits are exercising, reading 15 minutes, not drinking pop, working on my blog for half an hour, or donating 1000 grains in a day to FreeRice.

The last thing that I use on a regular basis is the to-do list. It’s a super-great function, since I use it for just about everything. You can reorder the list however you please, so that the most important things go on the top of the list. You can also give assigned tasks higher importance so that you get more experience when you complete it – for example, I marked ‘complete corn hole boards’ as much harder than ’email contact person’. Since it was a much more difficult thing to accomplish, I got more points for it.

I really love using Habitica, in case you haven’t already guessed that. I’d really like to be held more accountable by a full party, but I don’t know how soon I’m going to be getting on that. In any case, Habitica really keeps me from slacking off on most things, since I don’t want my character to lose any of her levels.

I’m a little bit attached.

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