Homecoming Update

The last two weeks or so have been all kinds of crazy, and this upcoming week is looking like hell…. big surprise. Homecoming weekend is finally rolling to a close, with midterm week right on its ass. I’m going a little crazy right now, but I’m hoping that it’ll all slow down a bit after this week – most of our wind faculty is taking a two-week trip to Russia, so everything will simmer down a little.

Homecoming was pretty awesome, even though it rained for the parade and was too cold and damp to change into my dress clothes for the game. I got to throw candy out of the sunroof of the SUV I was in for the parade, and that was a total blast. The game itself was pretty fun, since I sat with my mom and grandma for the first half and then went down for recognition at halftime. My biography took the longest to read, so that was a little awkward. But President Driscoll said that he liked my rain boots, so that was pretty funny. Then the rest of the game, I got to hang out with some friends and marching band alum in the stands and then watched the show and went down onto the field for the playing of Grace. It kills me to not be out on that field this year, but it’s definitely better for my health to be sitting out.

Homecoming concert was today, and I thought that concert and symphony bands sounded pretty great! I love playing in the combined concert band/Indiana Symphonic Winds, and it’s such an awesome experience to get to be around musicians of all ages. Symphony band went really well, but then wind ensemble totally rocked it. I wish so bad that I could’ve been in wind ensemble for the concert alone, but it was amazing to even be able to hear them play. They did Angels in the Architecture which is pretty high on my list of all-time favorite pieces, so that was amazing to see it live.

I’m kind of procrastinating on some school work right now, but what else is new? I’m looking back over my list of goals for this semester, and I honestly feel pretty good about the work that I’ve done on it so far.

  • Get a semester GPA above 3.5…. Going pretty well!
  • Try to get at least 8 hours a week of practice in on clarinet if my hands allow it… I’ve been working on the Pomodoro technique for my practice sessions, even though I use an abbreviated time frame to help my hands. But I’ve been tracking and I’m definitely getting in a lot more practice than I used to!
  • At least 4 hours a week on bassoon, not counting ensembles and lessons…. I’ve been slacking on this one, but still more practice than I used to!
  • Make it through marathon training upright and in one piece… today was the first long run I’ve skipped, and it was because homecoming weekend is absolutely crazy on my stress levels and I was EXHAUSTED
  • Have at least 3 Pink Zebra parties…. ehhhh
  • Talk to all of my friends at least once a week… I’ve actually been doing pretty well on this one, even my friends from far away!
  • STOP. Procrastinating…. LOL, I prefaced this by saying that I was procrastinating
  • Get back into steady blog work now that the semester has started…. ehhhh

I’m a little frazzled right now because my computer died, so I’m a little stressed. I’m currently on a new one, but it won’t be mine forever – the battery was fried right out of the box, so I have to wait for a replacement laptop to come in. It’s as if the world knew that all my stress was going to attacking at once!!


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