Habitica Update

One of my favorite posts is my write-up I did about Habitica quite some time ago. It’s also proven to be one of my most popular posts,  but I’ve gone a little more in-depth with it since then.

Overall, Habitica has been the most useful habit trackers and builders that I’ve ever used. My utilization has changed a little bit, but that’s okay. I’m able to change and adapt based on what I want and need at that point in time.

Two of the primary functions (the one I use most) are shown above. Habits and dailies. Dailies are easier to explain: they’re the things I want to accomplish each day. As of late, I want to wake up early, drink three bottles of water, and take my medication in the evening.

Habits are a little different. They can be positive or negative, though I’ve tended to only go for the positive reinforcement on mine. With exercise, I click the plus button every mile I run or every fifteen minutes I work out. My reading goal is self-explanatory. When I choose to drink water instead of pop (or soda, for you non-Western PA folks), I get to click the plus button on that one. And for every half hour I work on my website, I get to click it as well.

There are also to-do list options, but I tend to keep those in a separate location compared to my Habitica tasks.

So what happens when I accomplish my tasks?

I get rewarded! When I accomplish something, I gain experience towards my next level and gold to purchase items. I also can randomly get rewarded with eggs for pets or food for those pets. Due to my character class (Warrior) and the way I’ve allocated points to my character, I have an increased chance of getting items dropped when I accomplish things.

I think the reason Habitica works so well for me is because I have a collector type of personality. I love completing sets and finding everything there is to find. There are three huge achievements that I’m working on: Beast Master, Mount Master, and Triad Bingo. I found all 90 of the basic pets, so 9 different animals with 10 different coloring types. I’m in the process of taming all of the mounts, which is when you feed your pets a lot of food that they like.

As you can see, I’m over 2/3 of the way there for that achievement. The final achievement is when you’ve found all 90 pets, tamed all 90 mounts, and then restocked your supply of all 90 pets. Even though some people probably wouldn’t be into it, I totally am based on my personality type.

One thing that my personality doesn’t quite agree with on Habitica is the party system. Some people swear by it, where your actions and completing your tasks either help or harm members of your party. It’s an accountability system that works for some. However, I tended to not be in very active parties, so I would get penalized for people not even bothering to log into the system. I’ve probably been a member of five or so different parties of varying sizes, and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

There are also options for guilds (which are basically forums centered around a common interest or belief), which I’ve enjoyed. I haven’t interacted with them a ton, but they’re definitely a bonus help for some people.

If you have any more questions about Habitica, please let me know! I can answer them individually or perhaps in another post update.

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