Goals for the Spring 2015 Semester

Goals for the Spring 2015 Semester

Happy first (snowy) day of the IUP 2015 Spring Semester! Woo! I’ve been ready for classes to start for about a week now, and I’m so glad to be back in the craziness of Cogswell again.

So, as you might have seen, I like to set goals and other things to aim for every year… but I also like to do it for every semester. Last semester, my honest-to-God goal was literally to survive (18 credits of actual classes, 4 zero-credit ensembles, and recitals), and I not only survived but had a 4.0 semester! So what are my plans for the next 16 weeks?

  • Wear at least 2 cute outfits a week
    So who else wears jeans and a t-shirt every single day? Guilty, guilty, guilty! Sometimes, I make it even worse on myself by wearing the same hoodie or jacket for like a week straight, and I wind up looking like a bum. To me, dressing cute means a sweater and nicer jeans or a cute dress and tights or a skirt or something. I’m not a girly-girl (in the slightest), but growing my nails out and buying some dresses over winter break have set me up to want to look a bit nicer. Besides, it’s actually nice to look nice. This might burn out by February, but I’m going to attempt!
  • Go to the gym at LEAST 1 time a week
    I’m so bad at going to the gym. I love the gym, like so much, but it’s always so crowded during the semester. No matter when I go, I seem to get there when everyone and their mother works out. So I have several times to go to the gym that might work out (pun intended) for me this semester, and I hope to go twice a week, but once as minimum. I like the rowing machine and some of the free weights (don’t really talk to me about the ellipti-guh or the dreadmill) but my favorite is the bikes they have there. They have like video game screens and you watch your little biker go through all this nice scenery. Hey, whatever helps!
  • Get as close to a 4.0 semester as possible (nobody’s perfect, though)
    This is always one of my goals, and this semester is no different. I always strive to do my best (not perfect, cause that just stresses me out), and it usually happens. I’m really looking forward to my classes this semester, especially since I only have one class outside of Cogswell. I also have seemed to maximize my work hours so that they fit my schedule best, and my boss is awesome and understanding if things come up during the week. So this goal is hopefully going to be another great one, academic-wise!
  • Practice clarinet for at LEAST an hour a day
    This was so hard for me last semester, since I had four hours straight of ensembles Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If I hadn’t gotten my hour in that morning, I was pretty much screwed – marching band was last, and playing baritone for two hours means that my embouchure needs time to reset itself. This semester seems much better on my face, so I’m not letting myself give any excuses to why I didn’t practice enough. My sticker chart will not look as sad as it did in the fall!

There they are! Does anyone else have goals or plans to make this semester even better?

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