Goals for 2017

As far as I can tell, 2017 is going to be an amazing year for change in my life. I’m going to do my student teaching, graduate from IUP, begin graduate school, travel, and spend some great time with my friends and family. I want to make my ultimate goal this year to take care of myself and grow as an overall person and professional. I’m considering 2017 the year to be the one that I start turning more into a real-life adult. So what kind of goals are going to guide me on this journey?

Again for this year, I want to cross things off of my Impossible List and my 30 by 30 list. They seem to be very fitness-centered right now, but I plan on adding more goals here if I remember them in the next few days. So, without any further ado, my 2017 Goals!

  • Visit 3 new states
  • Finish reading the Lord of the Rings series
  • Make 6 Kiva loans
  • Blog post 3 days a week


  • 10,000+ steps 6 days a week
  • Track all calories 6 days a week
  • Go to the gym or fitness class 4 days a week


  • Run a sub-7:30 mile
  • Run a sub-27 5k
  • Run a sub-2:15 half marathon
  • Finish the Dopey Challenge


  • Run 2 marathons
  • Run an ultra
  • Run 1000+ miles
  • Cover 2017 miles running and walking


There we go! For right now, my 2017 Goals!

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