Fool’s Run 10k 2017

I was so excited to run the 39th Annual Fool’s Run 10k in Indiana. It was the first time I ever ran it, and I’m kind of bummed that I’ll have to miss the 40th Annual next year. As seems to be the pattern of the year, it was a lot colder than I wished it would be for the beginning of the race.

I had a goal of going sub-60 in this race, so I really had that on my radar throughout my training and through race morning. Even though (spoiler alert) I didn’t wind up going sub-60, I wound up almost setting a 5k PR in the first half. As a whole, the field at this race is pretty fast, so I wasn’t expecting any miracles for placements.

The start of the race was chilly and a little damp, but I wound up settling in at a good pace around 9:45. I figured I could drop my pace further into the race if I still felt good. Then came a giant downhill that I tried to take advantage of without totally trashing my legs. Second mile came in a 9:20, which was totally an accident. I was trying to conserve my energy but I knew that wasn’t going to be happening. I still felt really good at this point.

When I started into the ‘gently rolling hills’ in mile three, that was when the wheels started coming off. Even though the third mile came in at 9:33, I was mentally beat. I started taking a few walk breaks, even though I was really trying to keep pace up. Fourth mile in 10:45, fifth in 11:41, and sixth mile in 11:18. The massive hill basically killed me on the way back up, which made me sad.

I realize now it probably wasn’t in my best interests to try to PR on a distance I never run on a course that I knew would trash me, but I still set a PR by about three minutes in the 10k distance. It really gives me confidence going into Buffalo, but I know that I have to train my mind a lot more than I have in the past. I think I’m really going to have to change my approach, but at least I have this as a checkpoint.

Overall, I wound up coming in at 1:04:32, which I’m still pretty proud of as it’s a 10:22/mile pace. Less than two months until Buffalo!

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