Fall Semester Update

001As per the syllabus, I feel a little overwhelmed and I’ve been stressing about a lot of things.

Big surprise.

I’ve been recovery pretty well from my tonsillectomy, even though I’m frustrated that I still can’t play. I think I’ve finally hit a good spot in my recovery for my singing, as my range feels like it came back in leaps and bounds today in Gen/Choral. I should hopefully be able to play again next week, so I’ve been sitting in on rehearsals and I finally have a pair of earplugs for Wind Ensemble tomorrow to make it not hurt so bad.

Classes have been going really well, when you ignore the strike that the faculty had for three days last week. It was so inspiring to see my professors standing up for what they deserve as university faculty, and it was amazing. I took them some carrots on Wednesday, since I assumed they had been getting loads of junk food from everyone else. It gave us a pseudo-fall break, but I really didn’t need it (after being off for like two weeks for the tonsils and just wanting to get back into the swing of things).

I’m a little anxious right now, since we’re over halfway done with this semester. My last semester on campus is flying by, and I don’t like it. I’m also anxious over my grad school applications, but those still aren’t due for over a month – thank god.

Having my surgery feels like it really derailed me from my semester goals, but I figured since I’m halfway that I should probably post an update, huh?

  • Make and sell at least 10 sets of letters. Even though I haven’t made any (that I can remember), people have been bringing letters to me to be sewn. So at least that’s comforting… Also, that’s a lie now that I think about it – I made a set of DRO letters for my bassoon professor for his birthday, it was great.
  • Stick with my running calendar. Even though I DNF-ed my fall goal race and then had surgery three days later, I feel okay. I’ve still been running and have other awesome things on my calendar that are TBA, so that’s fun. It’s hard for me during the week to pull myself away from socializing with my friends to go run instead, but I know it’ll be best for me and mental health.
  • Clean out the dining room. My mom and I have actually made great strides on this. We basically have the desk all cleared out to be set out for someone to take. Woo!
  • Redo the junk room. Yeah, the junk room is another story.
  • Get my picture taken with Norm. I suck, so I haven’t made any headway on this one.
  • Nail my grad school applications. I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve got so far. I had everything but my statement of purpose submitted to both Florida State and IUP, and I was kind of waiting until I was in a better place mentally to get started on those.
  • Get as close to a 4.0 as possible without sacrificing my health. I’m actually feeling really comfortable about this one. I chose to potentially sacrifice my GPA to improve my health, but I came out of the whole experience feeling really strong and comfortable.
  • Take time every week to just relax. YES! Finally, I’ve learned how to do this. It’s so hard, but like today is Monday and I came home after hanging out after class for a while. I ran, showered, laid down and took a nap, spent some time with my parents, and have just been watching Netflix and casually working on blogging and homework since then.
  • Make it to at least one full football game. Uh, so yeah. With my schedule, this one seems really doubtful the more that I look at it. But you know what? That’s okay. Sports aren’t the end-all, be-all of my collegiate existence.

Woo! Give it up for week 8, everyone!!

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