Fall Semester 2016 Final Update

I’ve officially survived my last semester on campus! Even though it’s nothing like I thought it would be at the beginning, I lived. I never would have expected doing a joint recital my last semester, nor had I anticipated doing it after having a tonsillectomy and not being allowed to play for the entire month of October. My grandmother also fell and has been back and forth between the hospital and a nursing home since the middle of October, so that’s been stressful for our entire family. Balancing everything was a task, and trying to figure out how to best take care of myself was another obstacle. So how did my semester goals shake out?

  • Make and sell at least 10 sets of letters. I didn’t make as many as I had hoped, but I still made at least 5 sets of letters! They were therapeutic and a joy to make, and I really hope that people still seek me out next semester to make them.
  • Stick with my running calendar. The tonsillectomy kind of screwed me over on this one. I emotionally struggled after my DNF at the Cumberland Marathon in September, was mostly sidelined for October because of my surgery, but I still signed up for another marathon in November. I got to run the Richmond Marathon on November 12, and it was a blast. Even though I didn’t do well time-wise, I had fun. Since then, I’ve been trying to stay consistent. This one I judge to be an ‘I did well for what my circumstances allowed’.
  • Clean out the dining room. Well, we cleaned it. And then it got messy again because holidays. Soooo this is a half-win.
  • Redo the junk room. Yeah, that didn’t happen…
  • Get my picture taken with Norm. Yeah, that didn’t happen either… But I’m still planning to be around campus in the spring for a few different occasions, so I think that this’ll happen.
  • Nail my grad school applications. Considering I got an IUP interview and acceptance as well as a Florida State acceptance, I’d say that I nailed it! I felt really good about the application process and now I’m so excited to be going to Tallahassee in February for the interview process for assistantships.
  • Get as close to a 4.0 as possible without sacrificing my health. Nailed it! I got a 4.0. When I set this goal before the semester started, I just meant for myself to relax and not stress or panic as much as I have in past semester. Didn’t really expect to find out a few weeks into the semester that I would have surgery that would sideline me for more than I expected. But even though I had accepted I would probably be getting some B’s, I wound up doing very well and pushed through to get all A’s!
  • Take time every week to just relax. Totally did this. Sometimes it meant sacrificing some time with my friends or doing ‘fun things’, but it was so worth it. I’m the kind of person that needs some time to recharge by myself every week, and I found it nice to just veg and watch HGTV at least once a week. Everyone needs some House Hunters to cleanse their mental palate.
  • Make it to at least one full football game. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. I didn’t anticipate working the Saturday shift in the museum, so that kind of screwed me over. Oh well.

Overall, I would say that this was one of my best semesters! I wasn’t nearly as stressed as I have been in the past, and I managed to make everything work. It may have taken FaceTiming into one of my classes for over a week or sitting through a month of ensemble rehearsals with earplugs in while fingering through my part, but I did it!

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