Day in the Life: Winter Break 2016

Since I did a day in the life breakdown last year, I figured I would show how things have changed since then. Even though I didn’t do an hour-by-hour look back then, I think it’s a good idea to show now. I mean, it really shows if I’m actually productive or not (hint: the answer is that I’m not nearly as productive as I should be). So what have I been up to today? It looks a little weird right now because my family only has my dad’s work truck and one car (my mom’s has been out of comission for a few months, and mine just got totaled at inspection yesterday).

  • Woke up at 6:20 to get ready to go with my mom to work
  • Headed to Indiana at about twenty til 7
  • Took the car from my mom and went up to the gym by 7
  • Started running 2.5 miles at about 7:15, then switched to the Expresso bike until around 8:15
  • Left the gym at 8:30 to get home at 8:45
  • Showered and change into my favorite Christmas present (an adult duck onesie!)
  • Worked on blog stuff and school emails (while totaling binging on the Hamilton soundtrack) from around 9:30 until I left for work
  • Worked from 1-4, cleaning out the closet that hasn’t been touched in some time
  • Picked up my mom from work, then went and picked up my little cousin to babysit
  • Ate a little dinner, then helped her with homework
  • Laid around on the computer and watched TV
  • Specifically watched Jeopardy after a short catnap
  • Back on the computer

And now I’m here. And now it’s now. It’s not really all that busy, but I really need the relaxation after the crazy semester that I had.

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