Another Semester Down…

Obviously, my victorious comeback in April was very short-lived. Hah! As it tends to do, the semester picked back up right when I thought it would calm down, and the workload in the last few weeks was immense. There was seriously about a week where I barely saw my actual family because I was staying at school past midnight. As I say every semester, maybe next semester will be a little less crazy. As my last semester on-campus and with 4 ensembles instead of 6, I’m hoping that’s the case.

Anyway, I should probably tell you how my goals are looking, huh? Even though I didn’t check back on these as much as I would like, I still managed to get a lot done!

Spring 2016 Semester Goals

  • Workout at least 3 times/week. I would call this one a partial success – once the weather warmed up, I did wind up going for a lot of walks with my friends. Even though it’s not as blood-pumping as a long run, they were still 2 or 3 miles jaunts that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
  • Make at least 2 Kiva loans. One in January, one in May!
  • Get as close to a 4.0 as possible. Pending the incomplete from my second pre-student teaching, I got a 4.0 in all of my other classes. On top of my recital, some crazy personal drama, and all the things I was involved in, I made this semester my bitch!
  • Pay off my unsubsidized loan. I got that sucker paid off in March, and it’s so nice that it’s not hanging over me anymore. I even got a nice letter in the mail about a week ago, congratulating me on paying it off. One down…  a bunch to go.
  • Add to my geocaching maps. I didn’t do this. I suck. But so many weekend things came up that it made getting out of Indiana nearly impossible.
  • Practice as much as physically possible. I’m going to call this another partial success. There were times that I knew I should have been practicing, but I didn’t. But on the other side of the coin, there were plenty of days where I didn’t want to practice in the slightest and still managed to get everything done. And I always felt more accomplished when I could knock ‘practice’ off my daily to-do list.

General Goals

  • Pay off my unsubsidized loanGone!!
  • Create a workable budget. I’m still pretty terrible at this… I’ve had a sudden influx of more money than I’m used to, and I’ve been trying to spend it intelligently. That’s mostly been going okay.
  • Work more towards selling my crafts. I haven’t really been putting a lot of ‘work’ into this, but I did sell a few sets of letters and do some sewing. I definitely want to work more on this next semester, especially since I seem to have found a niche in my crafting. I’d also like to get back into woodworking this summer, now that I actually have time in the afternoons and evenings to get things done.
  • Make money from my blog. Obviously my blog has been pretty neglected recently, as well as on the money-making front. But here comes a few months of summer for me to focus my attention!
  • Workout at least 3 times a week. I’m trying… I’m trying really hard. I hate working out indoors in the winter, so maybe summer and marathon training will boost me back up.
  • Eat at least 3 servings of fruits/veggies a day. Oh my godddd, I suck. I love carbs way too much for this to work out right. But I’m not going to give up, dangit!
  • Read according to my Bible calendar every day. I’m so incredibly behind on this that it’s unreal. Thank goodness for a lot of quiet time at work for reading and contemplation.
  • Become and stay organized. In the last few weeks, my clothes pile has returned to my bedroom floor. But other than that, I’ve been doing so well!
  • Make at least 6 Kiva loans. I’m onto loan number 2, getting ready for a few repayments to make 3!
  • Start getting out of bed before 6. I’ve been waking up before or at 6 for quite some time now, and that’s the first big step to being out of bed by 6. It’s a little difficult in my house because everyone has overlapping morning schedules and only one bathroom, and I’m the only one who doesn’t need to be at work by 7. So everyone else gets first waking up privileges, and who am I to step on those toes?
  • Use my planner as a gratitude journal dailyFinally! One that I can say for sure that I’ve actually been doing well on!
  • Find at least 60 geocaches. I’m still stuck at 9. I have a big road trip coming up in a few days, so hopefully I’ll pick up some new states along the way.

Running Goals

  • Run a race a month. I didn’t run a race in March. So technically I already ruined this goal, but I ran both a half marathon and a 5k during the month of April. For the purposes of keeping with my goals, I’ll count it as progress for now!
  • Do a Color RunStill working on some logistics with this one, since they don’t seem to be as prevalent in my area as they used to be.
  • Finish another marathon. I’ve started training for my full (en-route to training for a Memorial Day half), and I’m so excited! It’s given me actual concrete goals to strive for, something that I struggle with when I don’t have a race on the calendar. I feel so much more accountable. Let’s hope this training cycle goes just as well as last year’s!
  • Run a sub-8 mileI did it!
  • Run a sub 28-5k. I really want to work towards this one, as a group that I’m in on Facebook is running a “Set Your PR” event throughout the summer. I think that will be an excellent motivator for me to finally cut some time off. For reference, I’ve been a slowpoke lately and have had my 5k’s come in around 33 minutes, so I’ve got some ground to make up. Speed drills, here we come!
  • Set a PR in the half-marathon. I set a small PR at my April half (just over a minute faster than my prior PR), but I’m gunning for a bigger PR on Memorial Day. I’ve been doing a lot more running, even just casual miles, than I did in the past. I doubt I’ll get my full sub-2:30, but we can always try!
  • Improve my yearly mileage. Winter always slows me down, but I’m almost at 100 miles for the year!

Well… I’ve done a lot of crap. Here’s to an awesome summer full of getting my goals!

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