4 Favorite Things About Winter Break

I’m one of those people who goes really hard during the semester and gets everything done, but I’m also one of those people who needs a break every now and again. Fall semester is so hard, since we have the Monday of Labor Day off and then no break again until the week of Thanksgiving. Then back for a week of class and a week of finals, then winter break. So I try to take advantage of winter break as much as I can, even if it feels weird to grind to a halt all at once.

4 Favorite Things About Winter Break

So what are my favorite parts of winter break in the first place?

  1. Sleeping in. Now, to me, sleeping in means being able to stay in bed until around 9 in the morning instead of having to roll myself out of bed around quarter after 6. But there’s really nothing better than just turning off my earliest alarm and just sleeping in for a few more hours. Since it’s not something that I can do during the semester, I have to take advantage of it as much as possible. It’s probably my favorite part of break, hands down.
  2. Craft time. I never have time to do crafts during the semester, so I wind up doing a bunch the first week or two of break. It’s always super-relaxing, and I’ve already worked on some woodcrafts and vinyl work and scrapbooking. I have a few more Christmas presents to make, but then I’ll be all caught up!
  3. Time to myself. This year is a little different, since my brother is in college and has the same break timeframe that I do, but we still get our own time to not be around each other. I really love being around people, but going weeks and weeks without really getting a break from people or alone time can be a real drain on me. If I want to just lay on the couch and watch Criminal Minds without anyone bothering me or questioning my choices in television, I can do just that.
  4. The weather. This year is a little different, since it’s been uncharacteristically warm for most of December – I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it went down as the warmest December on record around here. But I really do love the winter and the cold and the snow. The only thing that really gets me down is the ice when it shows up, since I’m a klutz beyond belief. Even the warmer weather is welcome this year however, since I can get outside and enjoy it instead of being locked in a windowless practice room all day.

What’s your favorite part of winter break?

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