2017 Goals Update

Now that the school year is over, I have a bit of time to reflect on my goals for this year. I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked to at this point in the year, but that’s okay. This summer gives me time to devote to my goals, and moving in August may help me with some of my other goals.

  • Visit 3 new states. Even though I went on several trips, the only new state I got visit was Massachusetts. I had such a blast in Boston and absolutely loved the city. It was so cool to see the Boston finish line and go to a conference with a bunch of other nerds. I really enjoyed my visit to Harvard, even though I tripped and embarrassed myself in front of everyone.
  • Finish reading the Lord of the Rings series. I finished reading the first book in the series last summer, but I’m hoping to finish the other two later this year. I really want to read them to say I’ve read them, but they aren’t totally catching my attention. But at least then I can watch the movies!
  • Make 6 Kiva loans. I’ve made 2 thus far!
  • Blog post 3 days a week. Yeah, we’ll say that this was just a tad bit ambitious…


  • 10,000+ steps 6 days a week. This goal has actually been working out okay, or at least it’s been working out to average about thus far.
  • Track all calories 6 days a week. This hasn’t been working out…
  • Go to the gym or fitness class 4 days a week… nor has this one.


  • Run a sub-7:30 mile. I’m prefacing all of these time goals by saying that I’ve mostly been focused on distance, but I’ve been doing okay. I think later in the summer is when this mile time is going to get crushed.
  • Run a sub-27 5k. This may be another later summer goal, as I ran a sub-30 5k in the first half of my goal 10k this year. I’ve been working on speed for longer distances, so we’ll see how that works out.
  • Run a sub-2:15 half marathon. Same here. I haven’t race a half yet this year, so we’ll see!
  • Finish the Dopey Challenge Link to my Dopey page here!!


  • Run 2 marathons (1/2). After running Disney, I have Buffalo on the radar in less than two weeks, so this’ll get done!
  • Run an ultra. Signed up for a 50k in June that’s run on a local rails-to-trails. I did the 25k last year, and I’m looking forward to going to whole distance!
  • Run 1000+ miles (220/1000). I need to really kick my own butt into shape, let’s be honest.
  • Cover 2017 miles running and walking (650/2017). Adding more running to my calendar will definitely help boost this goal a little bit. The end of June will mark the halfway point, so the real question is if I can get to the halfway point by then.

Even though I don’t have a lot checked off, I definitely feel like I’m making progress!

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