2016 Goals – February Update

We’re already 1/12th of the way through 2016, how is that even possible? I’ve had a bit of a crazy month, so some of my goals haven’t been at the forefront like I wish they would be. However, I’m looking at changing that for the brief yet great month of February!

General Goals

  • Pay off my unsubsidized loan. I haven’t made any progress on paying off this loan yet, but I’m waiting to get a lump sum of money in about a month or so to just pay it off all in one go.
  • Create a workable budget. Yeah, I basically suck at this. I’ve been trying to watch where my money goes, but the beginning of the semester always seems to bring out something unexpected that I need to pay for. In my case right now, it’s a $110 course packet that I didn’t find out about until the first day of class. Woo!
  • Work more towards selling my crafts. I didn’t technically sell a single craft last month, but I also set things up with a friend to make some letters for them… I don’t know if I can count that in good conscience.
  • Make money from my blog. I’ve been working on monetizing a little bit, and I’ve technically ‘made’ a bit of money from Google AdSense but haven’t been able to cash out on it since I haven’t hit the threshold. Hopefully by the end of the year, it’ll work out in my favor.


  • Workout at least 3 times a week. I’ve tended to do pretty well on this, working out at least 3 times a week. Last week, I wound up only running once but that was the first time that had happened to me. I have a training journal that I feel pretty committed to, since I purchased it separate from my regular planner so I feel obligated to use it. Hopefully that’ll continue!
  • Eat at least 3 servings of fruits/veggies a day. Let’s just say that I suck at this one. We’ll leave it at that.
  • Read according to my Bible calendar every day. I haven’t been doing well at keeping up with it daily, but I always go back and catch up with what I’ve missed in the intervening days. There were some occasions where I didn’t have access to my Bible or my calendar, but I would catch up. I’ve also been feeling pretty exhausted in the evenings, so I haven’t always been as diligent as I should be. But the reading always gets done at some point.
  • Become and stay organized. My room is looking pretty organized as it stands right now, as are my backpack and my space in the reed room. I’ve been putting away my clothes instead of leaving a pile on the floor, so that makes me feel pretty great. I have room to do crafts and push-ups and yoga in my room if I want, and that’s probably my favorite part of becoming organized.


  • Make at least 6 Kiva loans. I made a loan in January, so I’m pretty proud of that!
  • Start getting out of bed before 6. During the school week, I’ve been pretty good about at least waking up before 6, so that’s a start. I tend to feel the best when I wake up early, including the day I wound up being at Indiana Wal-Mart by like 6:25 in the morning.
  • Use my planner as a gratitude journal daily. Nailed it! It’s been good for me to do this, since it causes me to reflect on the good things in every day, even if my days feel pretty shitty.
  • Find at least 60 geocaches. I only found one last month, so I suck. There were plenty of opportunities for me grab more than that, so now I need to catch up. I’ll need to get 9 this month instead of 5!

Running Goals

  • Run a race a month. I successfully did a virtual race during January, and I’m all set up to do a 2.29 mile virtual on February 29th, and the medal is a super-cute frog – I can’t wait for that one to be hanging on my rack!
  • Do a Color RunThere is apparently one happening in March, but there’s a high possibility of snow. Sooo, I might be holding off on that one.
  • Finish another marathon. Planning for the Cumberland C&O Towpath Marathon in September! Have everything plugged into my calendar to get ready to train, and I’m hoping that I stay on schedule.


  • Run a sub-8 mile. Haven’t been doing a lot of intense mile work, but I’ve been trying intervals at the gym for a while to hopefully improve my times when I get back outside. I prefer running outside as opposed to the gym, so hopefully that’ll help my mile time.
  • Run a sub 28-5k. Basically, the same thing as the mile. I’ve been doing some speedier (for me) gym work that will hopefully translate well for when I go outside.
  • Set a PR in the half-marathon. My goal half is on April 2, and that’s the training plan that I’ve been working on so far in the year. It’s kind of scary that the race is in just over 2 months, but I feel like I’m going to be ready. Now that I’ve trained for and run a marathon, it will probably make me feel a heck of a lot better about a half.
  • Improve my yearly mileage. I managed to rack up 40 miles in the month of January, which puts me ahead of schedule for the year. In comparison, last year I ran 308 miles total. Definitely going to surpass that this year, especially since January will probably be my lightest month of the year!

Even though I didn’t make progress on every goal that I have set for myself for this year, I’m quite satisfied with the progress that I’ve made so far!

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