2015 Race Recaps

This year was mainly taken over by marathon training, so there are a few less race recaps on here than I would like to see. Hopefully 2016 will bring more races to my calendar!


Rock n’ Roll DC Half Marathon 2:43:58. Currently my PR in the half at a race run for that distance (I set a faster half PR during my marathon and during training, but I don’t like to count that). It was wet and rainy and chilly, but it really proved to me what my body can do. I ran the entire thing after almost no training due to joint and nerve problems, and I had never felt more accomplished up to that point.


Bun Run 5k 28:12.4. My current PR in the 5k. Felt really good and I was totally exhausted by the end of it, but I was happy to run a sub-29 5k before I kicked marathon training into high gear.


Let Freedom Ring 5k 29:34.4. This is the only race so far where I’ve placed in the top overall for females, and boy was I proud of myself. I had a finishing kick like I didn’t believe, and I fought my way through rain and muscle fatigue to get the little trophy that still proudly sits on my desk.

Hoodlebug 5k 29:51. No photo from this one, as I was totally exhausted. This was the race that nearly broke me, since it really brought out the shin splints that I had been trying to push through for a few weeks. After this race, I wound up taking a hiatus from running for a few weeks to rehab my legs so I could make it through marathon training without killing myself.


Philadelphia Marathon 5:20:21. If anything, this is the year I will remember as the Year of the Marathon. Since it was my first marathon, it was an automatic PR. I also wound up setting 10k, 10-mile, half, and 20-mile PRs throughout this race, so that’s pretty cool. I think this race might spark a love of marathons for me, since training gave me something to strive for and have plans for every week leading up to the race. Even though I didn’t follow the plan exactly, it was nice having a goal to look forward to.

2015 Turkey Trot 5k

Turkey Trot 5k 33:22. Just a race to get me back on my feet after my marathon. I had to do quite a bit of walking because my legs were pretty sore. God bless the people who do marathons and then continue on running like it’s nothing – you’re the real MVP.

This year treated me pretty well on the race front, with PRs in the 5k, half marathon, and marathon. I’m so excited to see where next year takes me in my running journey, and I can’t wait to share my goals for 2016 with you all soon.

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