10 Quick Tips About Dealing with Depression

10 Quick Tips about Dealing with Depression

So you may be dealing with depression or you may know someone who is in that situation. What can be done to help? While all of these may not work for everyone, here are some general tips for people with depression.

  1. Get some light. The weather can get anyone down this time of year, and it can really affect those of us with depression. What I do to remedy this is to sit by the window every time the sun is actually shining. If I really feel up to it, I’ll go out into the sunshine. Take advantage of those sunny days!
  2. Surround yourself with the people who care about you. Even when you’re feeling down and out, it can comforting to know that somebody cares. It’s just a small thing, but it can mean the world.
  3. Find a TV show to binge on Netflix. Even when I’m feeling pretty numb, it just makes me content to watch the episodes click by. Usually, I pick a comedy; even if it doesn’t make me laugh, it at least doesn’t make me feel worse.
  4. Journal. Even if you don’t feel like writing anything, just right out cuss words for an entire page. It can make you feel a little bit better. Besides, it’s nice to have a record of the things you’ve done, even if they may seem clouded by your depression.
  5. Learn to say no. I’m one of those people who can never say no, and it really can get to me. It’s worst when I’m in the midst of a depressive episode, as I already want to dump all of my responsibilities. Try to limit how thin you stretch yourself until you get a grasp on how to cope.
  6. Yoga or deep breathing. I’ve recently been introduced to yoga, and it’s so relaxing. I use it more to control my anxiety, but it also helps me center whenever I’m having an episode. It kind of helps me whenever I’m struggling to fall asleep, since it just is so simple. Even though it can’t help everything, it can help a little, and that helps.
  7. Talk it out. Find someone that you can just vent to. It sucks to admit difficulties sometimes, but it can really be good for you. If you can’t find someone in real life, there are plenty of internet resources or your trusty journal.
  8. Find a new hobby. If you’ve lost the happiness from doing your favorite activities, maybe you should try something new. Even if it doesn’t work out, it can occupy your time and keep you busy as opposed to sedentary. Who knows, it may even prove to be a good form of therapy for you.
  9. Sleep. If it gets bad, just try to sleep and relax. Even if you just curl up on the couch under a warm blanket, it might help you eventually doze off. I know my episodes usually give me bad insomnia, so anything that promotes sleep is a plus in my book. Besides, sleep helps repair and restore the body!
  10. Seek professional help. If anything ever gets worse beyond what you think you can handle or you have suicidal thoughts, do not be afraid to seek a professional. They are professionals for a reason (since I’m just someone on the Internet) and they can give you so much help.

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